The Peruvian Orphan Children´s Fund (POCFUND) is a UK-registered charity (No 1110792). It was formed by a committee of volunteers to provide assistance with education and to alleviate the poverty of orphans and street children in Puno, Peru. Puno is on the NW shore of Lake Titicaca. It is Peru´s folklore centre, with a rich history and a magical landscape, but is unfortunately a poverty-stricken area.

Puno´s beautiful scenery hides some ugly realities for vulnerable children who become orphans due to Aids, violence, or abandonment by their parents because of their extreme poverty.

The Peruvian Orphan Children´s Fund´s aim is to improve education, healthcare and stimulate social integration of underprivileged children.

Our vision is of a world in which everyone is given the chance of an education, regardless of their sex, creed, colour, cultural background or disabilities, so that they enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

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